Hypocrites: Bollywood actors slammed over George Floyd

Several Bollywood actors have been labelled "hypocrites" after speaking out against racism to lend support to global protests while promoting products in India designed to make people's skin lighter.

The actors were also trolled and accused of "cowardice" for their refusal to call out the attacks on India's minorities, mainly Muslims, while protesting against the killing of George Floyd in the United States.

A series of A-list Bollywood actresses, including Priyanka Chopra, shared posts on social media to protest against the death of Floyd who died in police custody after a while officer knelt on his neck for nearls nine minutes.

"End this race war here in the US and around the world. Wherever you live, wherever your circumstances, NO ONE deserves to die, especially at the hands of another because of their skin colour", Chopra,37, posted on Instagram.

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