Generals of India and China hold a meeting to defend the border standoff

Top Chinese and Indian Generals are holding high-level talks in a Himalayan outpost in a did to end the latest border standoff between the World's two most populous nations that has seen thousands of troops sent to both sides of the disputed border.

The talks are being held in the border outpost of Maldo on the Chinese side of the Line of Actual Control (LAC) the de facto border between the two countries, Indian-based NDTV Channel reported.

The talks come after multiple local military level meetings failed to defuse the tention, which arose after troops from both side were involved in scuffles in early May followed by Chinese intrusion in several border areas that New Delhi claims as its own.

Most of 3,488,km-long ( 2,167 miles) border between the two countries is disputed and  non-demarcated.

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